Monday, December 31, 2007

How to Play the Card Game Frustration

A few months ago my wife's sister and her boyfriend taught us a card game, which they call Frustration. While they were over this weekend for Christmas they refreshed us on it. I thought it might be useful to some, but possibly mostly to myself if I detail the game here for reference later.

Object of the Game
Do not get points. End the 6 hands with the lowest amount of points.

Game Play
  • Use standard 52 face card deck. Not sure, but I think when you get more people you may add more decks. We played with a single deck and four people.
  • Go around the table from person to person laying down a single card. Once you go around you determine who gets the trick based on who had the highest card of the suit that was led. Much like what you do in Euker.
  • They is no trump.
  • Aces are low.
  • Play six hands and add up the scores to determine the winner based on who has the least amount of points.
  • The six hands are as follows:
    • Hand One - Each trick you take gets you ten points.
    • Hand Two - Each heart you take gets you 10 points.
    • Hand Three - Each queen you take gets you 25 points.
    • Hand Four - The king of spades gets you 100 points if you take a trick containing it.
    • Hand Five - The last trick of the hand gets you 100 points.
    • Hand Six - All previous five rules. In the previous hands each rule only applied to that hand and did not apply to subsequent hands. In